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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q:What are the benefits of the BW?
  • A: The BW can accelerate your recovery from injury, assist you in returning to your normal activities quickly, and give you therapist like soft tissue treatment to help take your bodies performance to the next level.
  • Q:I have been an athletic trainer for 20 years and have never seen a tool so versatile... Where did the BW originate from?
  • A: The BW was designed and engineered over the last 10 years by Two Australian Physical therapists. Throughout the many years of Research & Development Corey and Dirk involved and consulted with numerous university professionale as well as more then 10 other of Australias most elite physical therapists.
  • Q:Who can use the BW
  • A: Anyone can use the BW... all ages, its great for back pain, muscle tightness, if you sit a in an office chair all day. Its used by elite, professional and recreational athletes alike as well as mums and dads who suffer headaches and knee pain. In short, if you have any need to see any type of therapist for an injury, pain, stiffness, rehab of movement and performance enhancement.... U need the BW.
  • Q:Is it easy to use?
  • A: 1 hour prior to your scheduled race time.
  • Q:How will I know how to get the most out of my BW?
  • A: there is a massive archive of up to date techniques along with conditions, injuries and desired outcome programs which are accessible to all owners of the BW
  • Q:How durable is the BW? I have purchased a number of fitness products b4 and they don’t seem to last!
  • A: Simple, you wont break the BW. As a matter of fact it recently won an international design award.
  • Q:Does it help with posture?
  • A: Absolutely! Just 5 minutes a day laying on BW will counteract the daily habits of slouching. When we sit all day (as the majority of people these days) we tend to get lazy and slouch. Repetitive days, weeks, months and years of slouching causes the spine to become almost extremely stiff... kind of like a rusted nut and bolt, it becomes almost impossible to move. The BW helps break away the "rust" and restore normal movement.
  • Q:I have a lot of allergic skin reactions is the BW OK for me to use?
  • A: Absolutely! The BW has been made from medical grade raw materials and has been designed specifically with direct skin contact in mind.
  • Q:Do they come in any other colours?
  • A: Unfortunately not yet.... We are looking at a range of various colour changes in the near future. If you have any preferences or specific colours in mind we would love your feedback .... So please email us with your ideas and if we run with that specifically we will send you a complementary Wrench in the new colour.
  • Q:I suffer with really bad migranes, can the BW help me?
  • A: For starters you need to seek professional advice regarding the type of headache you have. People often confuse a "migraine" for your regular "cervicogenic" or tension headache. If it turns out your headache is tension related (95% of all headaches are tension headaches) then YES! The BW is for you!
  • Q:I have been treating myself using a foam roller for the last few years does the BW do the same thing?
  • A: Yes and NO .. however its like comparing mp4 technology with cassettes when it comes to music...

    Yes, as the principal of myofascial release and soft tissue massage is universal being the desired outcome of all products of this nature

    NO, although you can use the BW as a roller, the system is far more specific in its ability to deliver the desired pressure to the precise region while remaining relaxed. The results are similar to those expected from a hands on therapist.
  • Q:Will the BW replace my PT?
  • A: No. the BW is not there to replace your PT. it will however significantly reduce the amount of visits you require to rehabilitate an injury or you back pain...

    Think of the BW as your toothbrush for your body. You don’t go to the dentist every day to clean your teeth. The BW is there to provide ongoing regular maintenance for immediate relief and long-term wellness.... In the comfort of your own home.
    Not to mention the actual time it takes for an appointment. If you consider by the time you stop work or interrupt your day, drive to the appointment, wait a bit, get treated, drive home or get back to what you were doing..... takes a couple hours of "real time" you could treat your own body for 4x30 minute sessions for free.... In the time it took to be treated for one hands on 30 minute session that may cost anywhere between 50 and 100 bucks! Where’s the economic value in that??