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Who are You?

The Body Wrench is a versatile tool that allows for varied uses no matter what stage of life you're in. From teens to seniors, back pain to neck pain, and gym rats to couch potatoes, everyone can benefit from the numerous exercises available with the Body Wrench. See how it can help you.

Teens & 20s

Prepare for an amazing physical future. A few minutes a day will ensure you retain your physical youth longer. Be the best you can be when you stop growing The time is now to influence the rest of your life.

30s & 40s

Busy working? Don't have the time to exercise as much as you should? Many people in their 30s and 40s have realized they're not getting any younger and didn't expect their age to restrict them so soon. With the Body Wrench, you can still feel like you're 20.

50s & 60s

You spent all of your life investing in your financial freedom, but you didn't invest in your physical wellbeing... Now you're playing catch-up. It's never too late to get started and just a few minutes a day working with the Body Wrench will help you lose weight and redevelop muscle.

70s & Up

The Body Wrench can help you improve your mobility. Surgeons may tell you to just get used to the pain, but just a few minutes a day working on your gluts can alone help your back and knees. You won't have felt this good for 20 years!

Back Pain

Back pain is a result of numerous contributing factors. Be it a strain, a disc injury, or everyone's favorite -- good old sciatica. Regardless of your pain, whether it's acute or chronic, there are always common factors that contribute to the ongoing dysfunction of the back. Rather than just treating the symptom of pain, the Body Wrench allows you to fix the underlying common contributing factors that are the root of the issue.

Neck & Shoulder Pain

Neck and shoulder issues are usually the result of poor posture control or tight and weak muscle control of the supportive structure. Overuse or repetitive type complaints can be easily helped with just a few minutes a day of some basic exercises on the Body Wrench.


Do you want to put your physical health in the hands of someone you don't know while you're away from home? You can trust the Body Wrench and take it everywhere you go. It's like your personal therapist available at your convenience.


Sitting all day? Feel like you need a new chair? Is it getting harder to get up as the days go on? Do you lean on your left shoulder? Do you feel like you can't help slouching? Sitting all day puts enormous loads on the lower back, and we often start to fatigue and slouch within 10 minutes of sitting. Repetitive sitting causes tightness in the lover back, legs, middle and upper back as well as the shoulders. A new chair is not the answer, but the Body Wrench is.

Actives/Gym Rats

Want to get more out of your workout? Increase the range of motion for each workout move? Recover faster? Get rid of that shoulder pain forever?

Couch Potatoes

Sore back from sitting on the couch? Fix your back and don't miss an episode.