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Don Saladino owns New York City's top golf and fitness training facility, Drive 495. He trains many A-Listers, from Blake Lively to Hugh Jackman and is featured frequently in leading health and fitness publications. Don practices what he preaches -- fantastic nutrition, all-around fitness, a love of movement and a commitment to caring for the only body he'll ever have -- and it shows. His dedication to his staff's and his clients' wellbeing begins -- literally, for every workout -- with the Body Wrench. "When someone shows up at the club ready to work, the first thing I ask is 'have you rolled-out and warmed-up on The Wrench yet?' We don't do a thing until that's done. It makes the workouts so much more effective. And injuries, general day-after soreness and folks who go 'missing' for a week because they felt beat up... they have all virtually ended with Body Wrench." Don's clients are his life's work. He wouldn't put them on Body Wrench if he didn't swear by it and use it himself.

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Body Wrench offers killer strength training and effective muscle recovery all in one innovative device.

    The Body Wrench is the strength and fitness multi-tool. With this single, ingenious system you can warm-up, build muscle, speed post-workout recovery and, whenever you're in the mood, soothe aches and pains or... just relax!


    instantly (feeling better before, during and after -- whether it's been a long workout or a tough day at work. Feeling better makes workouts more fun, which will make them more frequent, too.


    in no time -- in weeks, not months.

    Body Wrench strength movements are some of the most targeted and efficient ever devised. Higher-end exercises can take even the hardest of bodybuilders to their knees in seconds. Most amazing? The same tool with which muscles can be safely pushed to their limits is used to help those same muscles recover, with deep-tissue self massage as penetrating and effective as a professional trainer's or physical therapist's. And... it feels great. You'll find yourself using it while watching TV or between tasks at work -- just because it feels so deeply good.

  • P3R Muscle Optimization - What is is?

    PREP: Deep tissue warm-up primes muscles with fresh, oxygen-rich blood.
    RIP: Nothing targets muscles better or gets a burn faster.
    RECOVER: Jumpstarts healing to build muscle fiber. Get to next workout quicker.
    RELAX: Anytime, anywhere. Relieve pain or just chill: Body Wrench feels good.

    Pro athletes combine workouts with massages to mix muscle stress with muscle recovery. It yields huge performance boosts. Of course, it also requires a major league salary. Not.

    Body Wrench puts us all on the same field.

    Get stronger faster, prevent injury, kill pain and feel better… all with the same portable, rock-solid fitness tool. Pros keep Body Wrenches handy now, too. Results are results. And in this economy, even the big boys like saving cash.

  • Until now only a handful of elite athletes and insiders had access to Body Wrench. The inventor (an Australian footballer, tri-athlete, leading trainer/physical therapist) gave early versions to friends

    See who's using the Body Wrench!

    • An NBA Star
    • A three-time Ironman Champion
    • A lead rider on Lance Armstrong's team
    • An Olympian swimming for the English Channel record
    • Several A-List Movie Stars
    • Big League Professional Trainers and Physical Therapists
    • Regular folks at his clinic and his neighbors

    Every single one of them loved it. People who get on a Body Wrench for the first time want one. Period. It feels that good.

  • 1. Body Wrench Muscle Prep: rolling-out on The Wrench awakens and primes cold or quiet muscles for the workout ahead. You'll lubricate muscles, tendons and joints, reduce joint stress and minimize both fatigue and injury potential. Plus, it feels good!

    2. Body Wrench Strength Moves: The middle step. These exercises yield major burns that are the heart of super-efficient strength gains. You can swap-in your own favorite strength exercises if you want. But try these. They're killer and they're fun.

    3. Body Wrench Muscle Recovery: You did beneficial muscle "damage" with the strength moves. Now, send waves of fresh, oxygenated blood through every nook and cranny of stressed muscles with a set of targeted, sequenced roll-outs. It feels great and it quickly primes muscles to maximize the process of creating new, healthy muscle fiber.

    4. Rest: But For less time than you would have without Body Wrench – overnight is probably long enough. And rest with less soreness and less pain than ever.

    That's Body Wrench Muscle Optimization.

  • Pure strength isn't all it's made out to be. Plenty of hard-bodies are sore, prone to injury and, in layman's terms, they're just "out of whack."

    The limping runner, the waddling, stiff-necked weight lifter, the three-inning pitcher. From a pure muscle-health standpoint, their problems are much like the desk jockey's and couch potato's. Soreness, outright pain, posture trouble, joint stress and lack of flexibility. All of these symptoms leave a body ripe for accident and injury. Be just as strong, or stronger than ever, but get there feeling good and likely to stay that way.

  • Anyone with muscles – big muscles or small, used or neglected. Whether you’re a professional athlete or a champion couch potato, you’ll be hooked for life. People who get on a Body Wrench for the first time want a couple of them right there, on the spot. It feels that good. It works that well.

    So… Who?

    Athletes in general, fitness trainers, fitness enthusiasts, tri-athletes, runners, swimmers, joggers, cyclists, riders and weight lifters; basketball, tennis, football, baseball, softball and soccer players; military, special forces, army, air force and marines; professionals, amateurs, tradesmen, office workers, drivers, physical therapists and clients; anyone with aches, pains, soreness and stiffness; anyone who wants to feel better, stretch, recover from injury and more effectively exercise.

    So, who needs it? EVERYONE!

  • In every way, yes. It’s rock-solid – the product of eight years of research and development. You won’t get bored with it, and it won’t wear out. The concept, design and engineering deliver next-step fitness to sloths and superstars alike. Wherever you are on that scale, take it up a notch with Body Wrench.

  • Where do you keep and use Body Wrench?


    • A great way to start the day or get ready for bed.

    Living Room/Family Room

    • It’s extremely popular while watching TV.

    Rec Room

    • Any other fitness equipment there? You’ll keep this one handiest.

    Bathroom Cabinet

    • Yes. Keep it handy for when a sore back or shoulder flare up, even a headache.


    • There are fantastic, soothing and strengthening moves that can actually be done in a cramped cubicle. Try not to moan ecstatically.

    Gym Bag

    • Takes about as much space as your soap & shaving stuff.


    • If you’re lucky enough to have a locker, leave a couple wrenches at the gym/club.


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